Avegant Interview, The Gallery Greenlit!

By January 22, 2014 March 23rd, 2020 News

Talk about cutting things close!  The Avegant team launched their Kickstarter today, and it just so happens that we have their CES 2014 interview ready!

Edward Tang shares all about their freak’n laser beam to the eye techniques and what they have in store.  It’s not REALLY laser beams to the eye, but this isn’t so far off! ;=)

Also, a major kudos goes out to Cloudhead Games for having The Gallery: Six Elements greenlit on Steam.  Denny Unger and his team have been working very hard towards this.  Good luck!

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  • crim3 says:

    I was afraid you’d hit Mr. Tang with the mic. ;)

    Great interview, as always. I specially like your interviews over the rest, Neil.

    Now that you can talk freely, is it really that great? You didn’t comment about the “naturality” of the images using the Glyph. Is that true?

  • Avatar Neil says:

    I think their work has a lot of promise! The imagery was rich and clean despite being 720P in nature. If they could bump up the FOV and improve the ergonomics (I remember it being hard on my nose), they will be in a really good position.


  • crim3 says:

    Thanks for the reply. It looks like the come up with a really good invention, and what is more difficult, they turned it into a reality successfully. But I think it will be really hard for them to increase the FOV, because the DLP chip should be bigger and I don’t think that Texas Instruments has a need to make them bigger.

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