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News For 3D Vision Gamers!

By January 10, 2014March 24th, 2020News

G-SYNC is the Nvidia tech that lets you play your games without screen tearing, but also prevents you from artificially losing performance because of traditonal VSYNC.

The big question on everyone’s mind is where the heck is 3D Vision in all of this?  Has it been dropped off the spec sheet?

We’ve been unofficially informed (i.e. yanked from the show floor and instructed to tell our members this) that all G-SYNC monitors are 3D Vision compatible with the exception of the 4K Displays because the 4K are 60Hz panels (3D Vision needs 120Hz or faster).  We are also unofficially informed that the precise refresh timing that G-Sync offers will improve 3D image quality as well.

This is all unofficial, of course (of course!).

On that note, we apologize for not having another CES video for you today.  Between having to check out from our hotel this morning, and getting back late from meetings last night it just wasn’t realistic because of required editing and processing time.  We’ll be back with much more once we return!

Oh!  It’s Oculus Day today!  Woohoo!  This will go well with us experiencing the not too distant Iron Man AR experience last night (not joking!).

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