Moment of Sony HMD Truth!

By January 8, 2014 March 23rd, 2020 News

Ok guys! It’s time for the moment of truth.  We got to try out Sony’s latest HMD generation featuring head tracking.  We gave our impressions as well.

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  • Avatar Ericshelpdesk says:

    45 Degrees
    Stopped watching there

  • Avatar V8Griff says:


    I lasted a bit longer but for a company like Sony that was embarrassing.

    That looks like a knee-jerk ‘we’ve got to show we’re still in the space’ cobbled together demo with some old kit they found in a cupboard with some sort of tilt device from one of their phones added.

    If someone has been working on that full time they need firing.

  • budwheizzah says:

    Holy crap… this to me is inexplicable… the buzz was “competing with the Oculus Rift” not “releasing another useless overpriced toy”! Oh boy. Just by watching the total enthusiasm black hole unravel in that video… ouch. Sony totally struck out.

  • Avatar nateight says:

    Absolutely no part of me is surprised (though I am experiencing a bit more schadenfreude than I anticipated :lol:). Makes me wish I’d actually written up my CES predictions, because “Sony VR device revealed to be a dusty HMZ with a tilt sensor on” apparently would have been seen as prophetic.

    Let’s just hope this drubbing is the jolt Sony needs to actually do some innovating.

  • geekmaster says:

    Okay, I had to look up the definition of “schadenfreude”. :o

    It seems to be the whole premise of slap-stick comedy such as that of Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, Tom and Jerry cartoons, and Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons.

    But somehow, the Sony fiasco seems more tragedy than comedy…


  • Avatar nateight says:

    Oh, it is. The Wikipedia definition is pretty close to accurate for a subject so complex it has no direct analog in English: “[T]he feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune”. Slap-stick is a related concept, but to me, schadenfreude is inherently more mean-spirited, it’s laughing not at another’s momentary displeasure but at deeper suffering. I find this whole situation hilarious not because I want Sony to fail, but because Sony is in the best possible position to become a VR titan and has willfully chosen to be a punchline instead. Less “Ha ha, Sony fails again!” and more “Ha ha, Sony fails again because they refuse to listen to what we’ve been shouting at them for years!

  • Avatar cybereality says:

    750 inch screen. The word ‘massive’. 45 degrees. Sorry, just no.

  • Avatar V8Griff says:


    I went to Japan on a trade mission with a company I was working with in 2000. A division of Sony were interested in some software we had developed and we met with Sony Games Japan and on another day were taken on a tour of their ‘future lab’ at the main offices.

    We saw quite a lot of cool stuff (including a wireless, touchscreen device that pre-dated the iPad by several years that they never released anywhere other than Japan) but they also put us in a VR demo to watch 3D porn (yes, we couldn’t believe it either) using an HMD that doesn’t look much different to the device they’ve just shown at CES.

    I wasn’t impressed at the time and thought that the Virtuality Visette 2 was better in all aspects including it’s 60degree FOV … seems like they dust off the same thing every few years.

  • Avatar Fredz says:

    That was probably a Sony Glasstron :

    It had a 38° diagonal FOV, not much but at the times this was quite the norm in the consumer space. Thinking about it, it still is, except for the Rift. :P

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