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AMD Talks VR at CES 2014

By January 7, 2014March 23rd, 2020News

If you DON’T have a 3D display, the best way to view this is to choose “No Glasses” in the 3D Options, and then “left only”.

I think Rifters and VR enthusiasts are going to enjoy this video.  Our meeting with Oculus VR is happening at the end of the week, but the fun of CES is seeing how all the bits and pieces are going to fit together to make up an amazing VR experience.

The holodeck experience was a big focus for AMD, and they talked about everything from Mantle to Oculus VR – and they even had Geordi La Forge helping out with the presentation.

After I got my picture taken with Levar and showed him his 3D picture (which amazed him, but the way), I gave him strict instructions to try the Oculus Rift demo himself.  I would have gladly stuck around to help with it and get some pictures, but I had to rush off for another press conference (for Sony’s announcement).  We can’t get it all! ;=)

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