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Sony HMD News, Star Trek Fun

By January 7, 2014March 24th, 2020News

Palmer Luckey will be speaking alongside Wil Wheaton at CES this week (we have other things scheduled at the same time unfortunately).  However…it’s nice to know MTBS can still occassionally stick it to’em once in awhile. ;=)

I just wanted to add something on this.  When I first brought up Palmer’s impending CES appearance as part of “We the Geeks Take a Look at the Future of Computing”, I didn’t explain what a big deal his presentation is going to be.  This is really amazing stuff, and I’m a Wil Wheaton fan like the rest of us!

We will actually have more from Geordi La Forge at the AMD press conference this week.  However, we thought it better to share some footage from the Sony camp in the meantime:

See what you think!

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