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Happy Holidays, Vireio Perception is OUT!

By December 24, 2013News

Let us begin by wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  What better way to celebrate than release a robust new version of Vireio Perception!

Vireio Perception features a brand new game profiler written from the ground up by Grant Bagwell.  We’ve also solved a lot of stability issues, and VRBoost got its own menu system with brand new features.  The video and documentation attached to the drivers pretty much explain everything you need to know.

Special thanks go out to Denis Reichl, Josh Brown and Grant Bagwell for their continued hard work on Vireio Perception.  Spread the word and help make sure the Vireio team is well recognized and supported for the innovations they seemingly create every day…for free.

As an Ontario, Canada resident, we’d like to also express our gratitude to the hydro and emergency workers digging our province out of this horrible ice storm and restoring power for hundreds of thousands of homes. A lot of people won’t be able to enjoy the holidays so others can, and we just wanted to send out our thanks.

On that note…Happy Holidays everyone!


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