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Vireio & GameGradeVR Updates

By December 16, 2013March 24th, 2020News
Vireio Perception Logo
It looks like Vireio Perception 2.0‘s launch was very successful!  We still have to trace down the cause of a few crashes, but most has been solved just by ruling out unnecessary game mods and utilities that were getting in the way.

If all goes to plan, our next major release will be on December 23, 2013.  Our priority this week is to fix some stability issues and really take the user experience up a few notches.  Yes, we are still making new discoveries that should help with your VR gaming experiences too – and it would be good if we can increase our compatibility list as a final present for the holiday season!  We know there is only so much Skyrim the community can take, so we’ll do our best to beef things up a bit!

In the meantime, some gamers have been making some contributions to GameGradeVR which is great to see.  We made some minor edits to a few entries: in the case of DDD’s TriDef Ignition and Vireio Perception, we know that it’s impossible for the HUD nametag elements to render at the depth of the objects, so we had to declare that limitation in the submissions.

One member reported that Vireio Perception scored extremely high with the original Far Cry.  Could someone submit to GGVR with pictures to confirm it’s an accurate entry?

We also added much of Vireio Perception’s verifiable support to the GGVR listings, and it would be good to see more DDD, VorpX, and native VR entries.  As more submissions come in, we’ll get a better picture of how the scoring mechanism holds up and we can look at adding new features and making adjustments where needed.  It doesn’t matter who makes the submissions as long as they are honest and accurate.  The reason we are able to allow this is because the questions are very fixed and defined.  The community would see right through a false entry, so it’s important to take care!

More news to come!

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