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A Word Before Downloading Vireio!

By November 28, 2013March 23rd, 2020News
Vireio Perception

Good morning!

Today marks the release of Vireio Perception 2.0.  I want to personally express my gratitude to Denis Reischl and Joshua Brown for their hard work in making this software release possible.  Both have a full schedule in challenging careers, and they invested – they volunteered – countless days and hours of their personal time to make this software release possible.

Before opening your first game, please take the time to read the documentation found in the Vireio Perception software package.  Read about the features and the thoughtfulness that went into every element of this free open source package.  These are individuals who don’t have professional game development careers.  They took it upon themselves to pick up skills and rethink problems for the good of the community and our VR enjoyment.  Even before the software was written, Joshua and Denis had to dissect and remap the earlier work so Vireio Perception could be reborn.

As much as this software development has enriched MTBS and the energy of the community, I think I personally made some new friends from this as well – and that’s more valuable than any VR driver could hope to be.  It’s very enjoyable to work with like-minded people who talk about problems, say it can’t be done, and then within hours come back with a solution no one else thought of.  That’s what makes developing Vireio Perception fun, and I very much want to see this type of energy continue.

Vireio Perception’s initial support is beginning with a handful of games.  Skyrim in VR will be unlike anything you have experienced to date.  Left4Dead is awesome.  Bioshock – prepare to be Bioshocked!  Even Portal 2 will give you a re-imagined VR experience.

The drivers are rough around the edges.  They will crash with countless new games that you try.  However, with some time and a willingness to share experiences and code, Vireio will be a software package that not only represents a great VR experience – it will represent the greatness that a talented VR gaming community is capable of.

Now I know everyone has been holding their breath for Skyrim.  I think you will be impressed.  However, there are some fixes we are still working on.  For example, you may see fog or certain low contrast imagery rotating with your head tracking in certain scenes.  There is a pesky pixel shader we need to take care of.  The shadows still need some work too, and we are thinking of solutions to solve that.

We will release the Vireio Perception source code by the end of the weekend.  The sooner you get it, the better!  We were pulling an all-nighter to get to this point – sorry for the inconvenience.

Everything you need to know is in the documentation; including tips on maximizing your performance beyond the benefits of VRBoost!

So enough talk!  Let the VR gaming begin…

NOTE: We’ve been putting together a regularly updated FAQ section to get you started.  Remember to post in the Vireio Perception forums for feedback, ideas and problem solving!


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