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castAR Vireio Perception Image

By November 14, 2013News
castAR Format on Vireio Perception 2.0

castAR Format on Vireio Perception 2.0

Today marks the last day for the castAR Kickstarter!  What began as a pinkslip from Valve has turned into a new class of game and application development that features both AR and VR excitement.  $885,000 and counting!

So what the heck is this picture?!?  Technical Illusions announced a few weeks ago that they have added castAR support to Vireio Perception.  Vireio Perception are new open source drivers that let you take existing games and play them in VR on multiple VR solutions.  The Oculus Rift and castAR are working examples of this.  Version 2.0 will be out on November 28th, and we think they are really going to shake things up!

This is a snapshot Rick Johnson sent us to show that castAR support has been implemented.  There is additional manipulation that needed to be done beyond this though, and the reason the the images are vertically mirrored is because the second projector is rotated 180 degrees so “its electronics can converge towards the center fpga (field-programmable gate array)”.  Whatever you say, Rick!  We’ll have to take your word for it.  They are experimenting with other formats too.

Jeri Ellsworth from castAR fame will be making an MTBS appearance soon.  We’ll keep you posted!

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