What TRUE VR Brings to the Table!

By October 10, 2013 News

This is a demo put together by our friends at Project Holodeck and Sixense.  There is a lot of talk as to why native VR is better than VR drivers like DDD, Vireio Perception, VorpX, etc. This is actually a good demonstration of how a customized VR game can do things that are either too difficult or too impractical after a non-VR game has been released.  There are exceptions to the rule, of course!

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  • 3trip says:

    awesome, but you know what really bugs me? the user clearly isn’t using the sights, yet scores a lot of hits, (probably auto aim) and never reloads.

  • WiredEarp says:

    Looks good! Really glad this versions in color, not monochrome.

    @ 3trip: you can aim with the pistols at least very instinctively, I dont use the sights for the pistols often.

  • 3trip says:

    @WiredEarp: As a trained range safety officer, I find what you just said very disturbing.

  • WiredEarp says:

    @ 3trip: I actually train to draw and instinctively shoot without sights with my various air/airsoft pistols. While i’m of course much more accurate with sights, when I do quickdraw with people its pretty much necessary to get the shot first. Do it long enough and you can get pretty accurate. This seems to translate into ZOTH, in that once I have my grip on the Hydra sorted, I can aim at the zombie, and most of the time, my sights are usually very close to perfectly aligned anyway.

    Now, if I want to get bullseyes each shot, then I’ll need sights, but if I just want to hit the target, its a different story.

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