Vireio Perception 2.0 Release Date

By October 9, 2013 March 24th, 2020 News

Thank you for your continued patience in waiting for the first public build of Vireio Perception 2.0. To help wet your appetite, this is a video taken from Fallout 3 New Vegas in VR mode.  Driver improvements have been made since, but this is still fun viewing.

We were originally planning to release an alpha build this Monday, but we needed more time to prepare the website and debug the software. Someone remarked that the reason 80% of users download Virieo is for Skyrim. That’s a terrible excuse! We want several more games under our belt, and we’ve been beefing up the means to do that on a wider scale than previously possible.

While this will be upsetting for some, we decided to move Vireio Perception’s launch date to American Thanksgiving.  The developers have volunteered a lot of creative work in these drivers, and we figured it’s better to have a fully functioning product rather than a cool idea with a rickety proof of concept.

Why American Thanksgiving? Vireio Perception is free and open source!  What better holiday than Thanksgiving?!?  We could have done Christmas, but that would have just been cruel. ;=)

We know it’s not the same as having a driver release, but just to show you that we are hard at work on Vireio’s continued development, we will be sharing regular video updates of how games look with Vireio 2.0 in the weeks leading up to launch.  Again, thanks for your patience!

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  • Avatar cybereality says:


  • crim3 says:

    I’m wondering, why are there such thing as release dates in an open source project? Isn’t it permanently available for anyone to download and compile?

    …and, thanks a lot for vireio perception, your hard work and special thanks to cybereality

  • Avatar Neil says:


    While Cybereality wrote the original code prior to joining Oculus, much of the new architecture and VR driver breakthroughs should be credited to Denis Reischl and Joshua Brown. As for the rest, everything will be published and readily available on launch day – including the source code.


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