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Hammerhead Studios, Sixense, Riddle?

By September 12, 2013March 23rd, 2020News
Hammerhead Studios Team

Hammerhead Studios Team

As promised, MTBS is pleased to present the first in a series of MTBS interviews.  Today, we feature Hammerhead Studios and their VR project “Undercurrent”.  Our hard to impress interviewer (cough, cough…”interrogator”) Gabriel Tripp was so moved by their demo, he insisted that Hammerhead Studios make an appearance on MTBS.  So here they are!
Sixense is launching their Kickstarter today featuring their new STEM System.  We had an early look at their prizes, and they have an exciting launch on their hands.  We hope to have more to share soon enough.

Finally…the riddle has still been unanswered!  What does Star Trek, James Cameron, and The Oculus Rift have in common?  Come on, guys…put some thought into it!  Of course, MTBS will have the answer – it’s something we are very excited about from one geek to another!

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