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Sony Declaring VR Intentions!

By September 3, 2013March 24th, 2020News

For those that thought the console makers and display manufactures were going to take Oculus’ early success sitting down…you thought wrong!

Through Eurogamer, Sony confirmed that they plan to have their own VR headset designed to go head to head with the Oculus Rift complete with a big reveal in 2014.  With a similar design to what Oculus is offering, Sony has already had internal demonstrations of Evolution Studios’ PS4 racer DriveClub complete with a head-tracked cockpit.

The challenge for Sony won’t be on the hardware side.  The big question is how willing is Sony to get down and dirty with gamers – something which is hands-down what gave Oculus their big break and early marketing and product development advantage.  It was a mistake for Sony to define fixed artistic rules for stereoscopic 3D, and with VR being far from being established…it will be interesting to see how things play out.

Still, even before a single modern product has hit store shelves, we now have the makings of an industry on our hands!

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