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Vireio Perception Updates

By September 3, 2013March 24th, 2020News
Vireio Perception Logo

Originally authored by Andres Hernandez, Vireio Perception are open source virtual reality drivers that let you take existing games and play them on the Rift and similar devices with head tracking and 3D features. Not as good as native – but definitely a lot of fun!

The development team has been making a lot of headway the past few weeks. While a public build isn’t available yet, the team has successfully reactivated the stereoscopic 3D separation and convergence settings that were lost when the architecture was updated, and as shown in this video, they even found a way to extrapolate configuration recommendations based on the user’s IPD settings from Oculus’ configuration utility. You can even have person to person profile settings!

In addition to bringing the driver code back to life, they are also experimenting to find effective ways to easily configure games. The team might even re-invent SHOCT to make it an easier to use utility. Sky is the limit!

Be sure to track Vireio Perception’s development in MTBS’ forums!

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