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Vireio Source Documented!

By August 21, 2013March 24th, 2020News
Vireio Perception Logo
For those unfamiliar, Vireio Perception are open source VR drivers for the Oculus Rift and similar devices.  Vireio lets you take existing games and play them in VR form even though they aren’t designed for that purpose.  Native VR is of course the better option, but this is a great way to get older titles up to VR speed until native support is more readily available.
As we discussed last week, the MTBS team has been hard at work documenting the updated code.  The architecture recently went through a radical change to improve the rendering quality, but a lot of features got omitted or never got installed in the process.  Correcting for this was near impossible without going through this process, and it’s been a handicap for developers to jump in the game without having an understanding of how things work and how they are structured.

After a lot of hard work put in by Denis Reischl and Josh Brown, much of this documentation is complete!  Within the next few days, the team will be able to move on to the next stages.  Be sure to keep tabs and help contribute in the Vireio Perception discussion forums!

Thanks for your patience!

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