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Vireio Alive and Kicking

By August 12, 2013March 24th, 2020News

For those of you who are concerned that Vireio is no more, we want to reaffirm that development continues.  The above is a first-render of Skyrim based on the new architecture, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Is there a public build around the corner?  Not yet!

Here are Vireio’s short term priorities:

1. Documenting the Code

The new architecture has been difficult to follow let alone modify.  It’s a big piece of software, and if you are just jumping in, you’re going to get nowhere fast.  The developers are working on documenting what does what so it will be easier for others to join in and contribute.  We tried avoiding this step and turning things on the fast way…no luck!

However, once this is done, it’s DONE!

2. Re-activating the 3D Setting Features

Vireio’s current architecture has automatic 3D settings, and all the original adjustment features were omitted or not implemented.  We need to fix this, but we can’t reliably do this until step one is taken care of.

3. Games, Games, Games

As demonstrated with Skyrim, we again have talented developers that are eager to get the software up to speed – but we won’t be successful until the first steps are taken.  So, keep a sharp eye on the Vireio Perception forums, and thanks for your patience!

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