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Oculus Rift on PS3? Not.

By July 24, 2013March 24th, 2020News
Sony PS3

This video is starting to make the rounds with suggestions that someone managed to get Oculus Rift support on a Sony PS3.  We don’t speak Japanese, and subtitles aren’t readily available yet, but this definitely isn’t Oculus Rift support on console – at least, not in a useful sense!

The first giveaway was the Oculus Rift format.  Normally the oval black frames are rigid and unchanging; not here!  As the Rift rotates, so does the actual Oculus template.  Very strange.

The second issue is the way the game and desktop images appear on the screen.  It doesn’t look like a 3D rendering at all.  Instead, it looks more like a viewer looking around a screen projection that is rendered to each eye.  This is similar to how one might look at a panorama photo on the Rift where they only see a piece at a time.  Watch the game samples closely, and you should see what we mean.

Full credit for trying to hook a Rift up to a PS3, but no cigar!

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