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SFVR Update, Mobile 3D Movie News!

By July 19, 2013March 24th, 2020News
San Francisco Meetup

We are FINALLY back in town with regular Internet access. The San Francisco VR Meetup was great, and MTBS has several video presentations to share from the event. MTBS has never been to a VR meetup before, and it was really cool to share and discuss ideas amongst like-minded individuals who actually play with this stuff.

Combined with Q&A, each presentation is lengthy, so we are going to start publishing them next week.

Yabazam Logo

On the 3D mobile front, Dynamic Digital Depth announced the availability of their Yabazam 3D movie distribution service on mobile. It requires Android version 4.0 or later, and has more than 90 3D titles in its library available for viewing. Their business model is based on a monthly subscription fee in the US, and a per-title rental basis in 16 other countries worldwide. DDD continues to grow the range of 3D programs and is regularly announcing new titles.

Yabazam is also available on 3D HDTVs (e.g. Samsung and LG). In MTBS’ opinion, there could be a real opportunity for DDD if they add the Oculus Rift format to their online offering as well. Lear more at

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