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Vireio Perception Finally Updated!

By July 8, 2013March 24th, 2020News
Vireio Perception

We are pleased to report that Vireio Perception has finally been updated. Originally founded by Andres Hernandez (Cybereality), Vireio Perception are the first open source VR drivers that let users play modern video games in stereoscopic 3D VR form on the Oculus Rift and similar future devices.

One of the biggest problems the drivers had was an inability to simultaneously render the left and right image at the same time. This was creating a discomfort for gamers, and it couldn’t have been solved without rewriting much of the code that makes Vireio work.

While the whole team had a role in making this version of Vireio possible, Chris Drain has spent countless hours over the past few months to overcome this issue, and the work has paid off.

There are some big caveats, though. First, even though the updated drivers have demonstrated advantages over what we had before, a lot of the functionality is missing. For example, there is an automatic convergence/separation setting, but the SHOCT and convergence adjustment features aren’t there yet. The 3D settings are also off because Chris couldn’t visually test with an Oculus Rift directly. Finally, several games that worked before may no longer be functional because this new method of rendering DirectX in stereoscopic 3D form is more sensitive than what we had before.

After much internal discussion, we’ve agreed that it’s time to diversify the pool of developers involved with the project. We are also looking at having a more robust official website for Vireio, and have been reaching out to the right people to help make this happen.

If you are a talented developer that is interested in helping lend a hand to this fun part of VR history, send “Neil” a PM in the forums or email  The important skills we are looking for include a keen understanding of C++ and DirectX. If you are serious about helping us out, we can even look at providing you with game keys to build up your library for testing and development purposes.

Future betas can be found in Vireio’s new development thread.

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