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Wizdish Launches Kickstarter!

By June 19, 2013March 24th, 2020News

NOTE: The above video is out of date.  Check out their actual Kickstarter video on the page!

Ahah!  We forgot to mention something very important!  The Wizdish kickstarter has begun!  With a modest goal of 50,000 pounds, Wizdish is the latest effort to get that VR treadmill on your livingroom floor.  Not quite a treadmill, mind you – but another method of translating your foot movements into fun video game action.

One thing that really caught our eye was how portable this unit is, and current product reviews remain positive.  In the actual Kickstarter video, Julian is on a Wizdish on a house roof…don’t try this at home, kids!

We know the Wizdish team has been working very hard on this exciting venture for some time.  Similar to other innovations contributing to a positive gaming experience, please help make their Kickstarter a success!

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