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Maere: When Lights Die

By May 14, 2013March 24th, 2020News

MTBS is pleased to be joined by Tom DuchĂȘne, an ambitious student from IMAC.  Tom and his team are developing a new horror game called Maere: When Lights Die, and they are in the throws of adding Oculus Rift support.

Team Member Thomas Demenat Doing Some Research!

Team Member Thomas Demenat Doing Some Research!

Today Tom shares his team’s story, their excitement for VR gaming, and some really cool ideas they are trying with their new game.  Yes, there could be some electrodes involved.

We really enjoy getting submissions like this.  If you’re a game developer or you think you have an exciting story to tell, send Neil a PM in the forums so we can get your work online.  This is the stuff that makes MTBS a fun place to be!

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