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VR Bioshock Infinite With Vireio Perception

By May 10, 2013March 24th, 2020News

As exciting as it is for Valve to add official Oculus Rift support to Half-Life 2, we can’t let them have ALL the fun!  Here are some updates that are equally exciting.

Bioshock Infinite Vireio Perception

Bioshock Infinite Vireio Perception

First up, thanks to John Hicks’ continued hard work, we are starting to see Vireio Perception DirectX 11 support come to life.  There is no separation or stereo rendering happenng here, but the drivers are definitely injecting with Bioshock Infinite and true DX11 VR support is within our grasp!
Time Differential Problem Solved

Time Differential Problem Solved

Remember that nasty temporal problem where the left and right views weren’t appearing simultaneously?  It was easy to miss in most cases, but it made the Vireio Perception drivers seem a little off and disconcerting for some.

MTBS member ChrisJD has been hard at work on the problem, and has been rewriting the rendering code to get this solved.  As shown above, he’s having success, though much work needs to be done to optimize for performance and maximize compatibility.   Again, no steroscopic 3D rendering is happening here for debugging purposes.

Once we get this stuff out of the way and have some working builds to show you, we will get cracking on some innovative ideas for making games more VR ready than they were designed to be.  Thanks for your patience!  Sorry guys, the builds are not publicly available yet…much work still needs to be done!


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