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Half-Life 2 Gets Rifted…Again.

By May 10, 2013March 24th, 2020News
Half-Life 2

Great news for Half-Life 2 fans!  Valve has released a beta version featuring native Oculus Rift support.  The instructions are detailed below:

As per Valve’s instructions, just open the properties for HL2 in Steam, set your command line to “-vr”, and opt-in to the SteamPipe beta. This is expected to ship to everyone in a few weeks.

This port isn’t as robust as the Team Fortress 2 enhancement, so bugs are expected.

A few known issues:

– The zoom UI shows up in a quad in the middle of the screen instead of on the edges of the screen.
– The HUD is dim and hard to read.

All of the console variables are the same as they were in TF2 with two additions:

vr_viewmodel_offset_forward – Moves the viewmodel back so the elbows are harder to see and it feels more attached to your body.
vr_viewmodel_offset_forward_large – Same as vr_viewmodel_offset_forward, but for the Gravity Gun.

Valve suggested these settings as well::

hud_quickinfo 1
hud_fastswitch 2

The introductory thread can be found in Oculus’ developer forums.

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