Far Cry 3 on the Oculus Rift?

By April 25, 2013 March 24th, 2020 News

It’s been a pretty good news day with word out on the street that Second Life has Oculus Rift support planned and Oculus VR just released their updated SDK.  All good, right?

Far Cry 3 on Vireio Perception Drivers

Far Cry 3 on Vireio Perception Drivers

We thought we’d take it up a notch.  We are hard at work on getting Far Cry 3 working with the Open Source Vireio Perception drivers.  The updated build isn’t available for download yet, and the profile is definitely a work in progress, but we are getting closer with new ideas on making the drivers better and easier to use for fellow Rifters on more games with better compatibility.

We’ll keep you posted!

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  • snowblind says:

    This is very exciting, I haven’t completed the game yet and may stop until my dev kit arrives and this works.

    But if i remember correctly the game takes control of the camera a lot in that game..

  • skazclaw says:


    haha same. Haven’t finished, I’ll definitely wait for my oculus before I start it up again. awesome job!

  • GameDev says:

    Ah Wow this is awesome news!

    Played some of this awesome game on console only!

    Getting my new powerful gaming machine next week, my Oculus arrived yesterday :D

    Can not wait to try this out!

  • Senju says:

    This should be very good!!!

  • Avatar cybereality says:


  • simonion says:

    I remember the first time I played it on PC I spent hours just walking around looking at stuff!
    I’m expecting Brain-meltdown when I plug in with the Rift!
    Will it also work with the Hydra configuration of Far Cry 3?

  • jeez_jeeves says:

    aww sick I’ve wanted to see this get some love for awhile, with it be in stereo 3D ?

    or just 2d with some head/pos tracking

    ps.srry if thats a dumb question to ask on mtbs3d lmao

  • Avatar gray says:

    Hope that counts for Blood Dragon too! Playing that in VR would be very fitting with the setting.

  • GameDev says:



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