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Time to get SHOCT With Skyrim!

By April 18, 2013March 24th, 2020News

We have two positive stories to share with everyone today!

New Convergence SHOCT Line

New Convergence SHOCT Line

Special thanks to Jademalo in our development thread for his continual questions about convergence.  He inspired us to find useful answers through example.  The Vireio Perception drivers now feature an update to the Schneider-Hicks Optical Calibration Tool (SHOCT).  We added a new SHOCT line for convergence that now makes it possible to accurately configure all your remaining HMD 3D settings without having to actually wear the device!  MTBS’ VR Settings Guide has also been upgraded with instructions for the new feature.

The other good news is MTBS member Ardhal found the required settings to make Skyrim’s UI playable with the Oculus Rift and the Beta 12 Vireio Perception drivers!  Sweet!

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