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Immersipedia Launched, Let’s Get Started!

By March 22, 2013March 24th, 2020News
Immersipedia Logo
Members have expressed an interest in starting a Wiki on MTBS, so we are pleased to reveal MTBS’ Immersipedia!  There is barely anything in the Wiki right now.  However, thanks to work by Andres Hernandez (Cybereality) and Cris Villalobos, we have a good template going with some polished graphics.  Now we just have to fill it with stuff!

We created a special discussion forum on MTBS to talk about its contents, structure, and where to take it.  This is nearly 100% community dependent, it’s non-proprietary, and we are hoping it’s a useful outlet for our members to build with.  Good luck!

To log on to the Wiki, make sure you have an account and log in from the front page of (use your forum account if that already exists).  Once you have done this at least once, that single account will work in our forums and in the Wiki.

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