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Ready to Get Rifted?

By March 22, 2013March 24th, 2020News

Now this is just silly!  Look at these schmose nonchalantly opening up the Oculus SDK all organized while they calmly count the cables and lenses.  Let’s be honest here!  Forgive our choice of analogy, but how many of you are going to be opening your Oculus kits like a highly antcipated fourth date?

We would wager that countless doorsteps are going to be strewn with a path of torn boxes, wrap, and ignored manuals leading to recently polished gaming rigs.  Sadly, we all have to be a bit more patient as the kits don’t get shipped out until the end of the month, and then there is customs and missed doorbells, etc.  Such is life!  Check out the full update on Oculus’ site.

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