Dancing Robots, sView Updates, HD3D Fixes

By January 18, 2013April 3rd, 2020News

Yes, we have reason to be dancing around today.  First, we have a fun demo and interview with Tosy Robotics from CES 2013.  Yes, dancing robots, people!

Next, Kirll Gavrilov released version 13.01 of the sView 3D image and video player.  This is golden because he fixed a bug where the 3D images would grow and shrink in your browser window while viewing 3D sites like MTBS.  Coincidentally, AMD released version 13.1 (another 13!) of their Catalyst drivers which fixed all the HD3D compatibility problems with sView as well!  Another bonus!

Remember that if you are using Firefox, and the 3D images aren’t coming in, use the “Nightly Builds” for now.  The required bug fixes in their browser isn’t available in their traditional beta or release versions yet.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Much more coming down the pipe from CES 2013!


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