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Oculus Rift Getting New LCD Panels!

By December 4, 2012April 3rd, 2020News
LCD Screen Door Effect

It seems the best things come to those that wait.  Instead of rushing out an SDK, the Oculus team has been fine tuning their choice of LCD panels and techniques.  One of the drawbacks of LCD technologies is there are black gaps between the pixels which can create a “screen door” effect.  To compensate, The Rift is going to be using updated panels that will be tightening up the pixels by having a “high pixel fill factor”.

They are also promising much improved color switching accuracy and color reproduction.

TV Head
Last but not least, the new panels will be a full 7″ in size compared to the original 5.3″.  Not higher resolution, mind you – just more visual space.  Sounds good to us as long we don’t start looking like this guy!

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