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3D Gaming at Fan Expo Going Well!

By August 25, 2012April 3rd, 2020News

The turn-out has been great so far, and iGO3D couldn’t have picked a better venue for getting gamers in front of 3D screens and finding out what they think.  It’s much too early to reveal findings just yet (we aren’t even close to finishing data collection), but it’s clear that the gamers are having fun.

While most of their participation in the study is actual gaming time, people seem content to fill out their information, play a round, fill out another survey, play a round, fill out another survery, and come back hours later for a raffle.  We regularly have to turn people away because they already went through the experiment (we are trying to keep things diverse).

We were admittedly unsure how difficult it would be to get the gamers to put the required time in at Fan Expo, but it’s clear everyone is having loads of fun, and it’s becoming a line-up for nearly every match.  More to share later!


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