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Cool Picture of the Day!

By August 13, 2012April 4th, 2020News

This is arguably the coolest picture (and interview) you are going to see today!  Viewable in 2D, it’s really Meant to be Seen in 3D, so get those glasses on ASAP!
Michael Page, Assistant Professor at OCADU also runs the Phase Lab.  As a teaser for pending results from the iGO3D initiative, Michael demos his gizmo which mixes holograms and haptics.  This is really cool stuff that should get the imagination going.
For those unfamiliar, iGO3D is a governement funded 3D gaming research initiative which is backed by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).  The iGO3D site is just a placeholder now, but is undergoing a major upgrade in preparations for an announcement and results getting set to publish.
Just for fun, who out there can describe the 3D placement of the objects in the picture?  Sorry, 3D glasses ARE required.

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