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John Carmack Talks VR at QuakeCon 2012

By August 4, 2012April 4th, 2020News
John Carmack Keynote at QuakeCon
“…I had been lurking there for a little bit learning the lay of the land (at MTBS)” – John Carmack, Co-Founder of Id Software (Time Index 1:39:10)
While $1.2 million dollars would have been nice, this was a great consolation prize!  As you guessed, John Carmack’s marathon keynote address (3.5 hours!) from Quakecon is online, and he talks about stereoscopic 3D gaming, VR of course, Rage, and more.  Half the fun is just watching him talk and talk…and talk.
It’s a good guess that Palmer Luckey is having the time of his life right about now. Check out the video and share your comments below.

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