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Oculus Rift Kickstarter LAUNCHED

By August 1, 2012April 4th, 2020News
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Palmer Luckey’s Oculus Rift Kickstarter Campaign is officially launched and already features endorsements by the likes of Epic Games, Valve, Id Software (of course), Gaikai, and more.  The first SDKs will be based on Unity and Unreal Engine.  Something to remember is that this Kickstarter campaign isn’t for launching a consumer product, it’s for getting Oculus developer kits in the hands of programmers and game creators.
Backing options range from $10 to $5,000+ to meet just about every budget.  Oculus Rift aside, Palmer and his team did a great job with making their presentations look super glossy and polished.  They’ve already raised over $45,000 US on their first day, and a Kickstarter success is a realistic expectation.
Of course, Palmer Luckey and all the related Oculus Excitement can be found in our discussion forums.  Have fun, and good luck to all!

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