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Roller Coaster Rampage (3D News!)

By May 21, 2012April 4th, 2020News
Roller Coaster Rampage 3D Demo

The concept of roller coasters date back to 17th century Russia (seriously!), and have been thrilling people for hundreds of years.  Over the years, there have been multiple titles that have tried to take this technological marvel, and bring it directly to your computer screen.

The latest is Roller Coaster Rampage.  According to its author, it not only lets you create your own roller coaster, it let’s you ride it, and adjust or build the structure while your having your thrill ride.  The game also features destructible environments (in real life, the last thing we would want on a coaster is destructable environments!).

The game is still in beta, and while it will have Nvidia 3D Vision support out of the gate, Pantera Entertainment is investigating the addition of AMD HD3D native and DDD TriDef support as well.

In the meantime, the above video was taken from GDC 2012.  We can’t believe we missed this when we were there!

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