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GameGrade3D and BF3 Scoring Updated

By May 18, 2012April 4th, 2020News

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GameGrade3D is a Quality Assurance tool that is in continual development, and as new stereoscopic 3D games are submitted and MTBS completes game reviews, GG3D’s scoring mechanism gets expanded and fine tuned.

Battlefield 3 was a unique case in that DDD’s visual results were superior to their competitors because of the added stereoscopic 3D components (vehicles, round to round transitions, etc.), but they lost enough points with minor visual flaws that TriDef was incorrectly scored as inferior to the Nvidia 3D Vision and AMD HD3D outcomes.

While DDD’s result is correct as-is, their competitors’ scores did not reflect the missing 3D visuals that DDD had to replace.  After discussion with MTBS’ membership, we added a new secondary anomaly deduction valued at 10% listed as follows:

“Unusually large portions of the game are in 2D or have very little separation compared to the rest of the gaming experience.  2D map screens and pre-rendered cinematics should not be counted here.”

Nvidia / AMD HD3D Version

Nvidia / AMD HD3D Version

DDD TriDef Version

DDD TriDef Version

Prior to the review, we also added some new error classes to reflect new scenarios that Battlefield 3 introduced us to.  They are:

  • The game is rendered in reverse (left image in right eye, right image in left eye) and there is NO WAY TO FIX IT.  If the image reversal can be corrected in your 3D display, driver software, or game DO NOT SELECT THIS BUG! (100 points)
  • The game is rendered in reverse (left image in right eye, right image in left eye) and the only way to fix it is by changing settings in the 3D monitor/display.  Do NOT choose this if the images can successfully be corrected from within the game or stereoscopic 3D driver.  If your display CAN’T FIX THE PROBLEM, choose this error in the top level anomalies section, not here. (5 points)
  • Objects or effects that are out of sync with the 3D display.  For example, sparks or indicators that blink or flash in alternating eyes instead of both eyes at the same time and in the same shape/intensity. (5 points)
  • Weapon indicators or highlighters aren’t rendering properly.  Samples include flashing borders or outlines rendered in just one of two eyes, or graphics that appear to be missing in stereoscopic 3D mode.  This is NOT part of the HUD – this is within the game’s 3D space. (5 points)

Thank you for your continued use of the GameGrade3D database, and please continues to share your ideas moving forward.

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