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Who Amongst You Will Apply?

By April 17, 2012April 4th, 2020News
Job interview

Seriously! This is what should happen!

It’s obviously a really slow newsweek when websites start to look through job offerings for potential stories.  While there are some neat gems out there, we have to remember that they are only half the story.

Valve was the first, when they revealed they were hunting for an Electronics Engineer.  Why is this so important?  It’s a potential confirmation that Valve is looking to go into the video game console business.  Between their gaming library muscle and established user base, it’s not a big leap for them to chase cloud gaming or launch a standardized Steam console.  We’ll see.

Today, Apple’s 3D intentions were thrown under the microscope when they announced a job opening for “a qualified Computer Vision specialist to strengthen its multi-view stereo research group”.  There are doubts that this is related to a 3D iPhone product – this could easily be associated with a software product, or an application that needs stereoscopic 3D capture to work.  Who knows!

Anyone here want to go on a few job interviews and find out for sure?

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