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Open $ource: iZ3D Style

By April 13, 2012April 4th, 2020News

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Ok…perhaps the previous article should have been entitled “IS iZ3D Going Open Source?”

In a new development, Vadim Asadov, Business Development Manager for iZ3D, revealed that as a means to transition to an open source initiative, they are looking to raise the required funds from gamers – $150 a transaction – to a total goal of $800,000 US.  If they reach their target, the drivers go Open Source.

“…in case iZ3D will not reach the above targeted amount, prior to June 30, 2012, the company will decide one of two options: 1. Open the code even though $800,000 are not reached  2. Cancel Open Source Project and refund all received payments” – Vadim Asadov, Busines Development Manager, iZ3D

While we wish iZ3D success in their endeavors, this new detail was not shared with us until a few moments ago.  Had we known, we would have framed the previous story differently, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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