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MTBS’ 3D Gallery, sView Updated!

By April 3, 2012April 4th, 2020News
MTBS 3D Gallery Interlaced SupportThanks to some innovative work by Kirill Gavrilov, MTBS recently added stereoscopic 3D support to its image gallery.  While it’s still a work in progress, its one of the only 3D image galleries that supports AMD HD3D, Nvidia 3D Vision, and most of the 3D displays out there with equal compatibility.  This is important because it means your images will have maximum 3D viewing potential, and won’t be locked down to just one option in the market.

We are also pleased to report a new sView version as well!  The update remembers when images were reversed when using an interlaced display (so you don’t have to keep pressing the swap button with each picture).  There is also a new anaglyph mode, but it hasn’t been fully tested yet. We have also listened to our members, and increased the file upload size limit to 3MB per file.  This should be enough for most image uploads with modest amounts of compression.

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