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Sensio Gets License Deal With Samsung

By February 29, 2012April 4th, 2020News

Sensio Logo
Some positive business news from Sensio.  They’ve just inked a patent licensing deal with Samsung for their Sensio S2D technology.  What is S2D, you ask?  It lets you take existing stereoscopic 3D content and switch from 3D to 2D or between different 3D view modes – all from the same source.

Their S2D patent works with popular frame-compatible formats including side-by-side (SbS), top-and-bottom (TaB), checkerboard, and their own Sensio codec.

While this may not be a huge breakthrough in our current world of limited content, when 3D is much more popular and a handful of house guests are incapable of seeing stereoscopic broadcasts, this switch will make it possible to show 2D on a whim.

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