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MTBS Interviews 3D Now at CES 2012!

By January 25, 2012April 4th, 2020News

Kris Roberts at CES 2012

If you thought Neil was a tough interviewer, our poor microphone has a dent on it because Kris whacked guests on the head who didn’t give the answers he was looking for!  Just kidding, just kidding…really – we are just kidding.

3D Now was the first to survive Kris’ grueling interview style.  They are getting set to release a new product that lets traditional 2D HDTVs enjoy 3D content with LCD shutter glasses.  Imagine owning a regular TV or projector and being able to use it in 3D without an updated HDMI connector or 3D Ready label.  These are the stakes, and it’s all covered in Kris’ 3D Now interview from CES 2012.

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