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DDD Gets MTBS-TV Debut (Again)!

By January 24, 2012April 4th, 2020News

Chris Yewdall, CEO of DDD, with his GameGrade3D mug!

There is a little backstory behind this one.  While DDD has been a tremendous supporter of MTBS and S3DGA, it has been exceedingly difficult to get them on camera.  Last year, we did a great interview with DDD and Intel at CES – and POOF!  All the audio was gone!  It almost happened again with a brand new camera, and we fortunately spotted it just in time (DDD jokingly asked us to check the audio before we started the interview).

Better late than never!  This interview features Chris Yewdall (CEO) and Larry Wang (VP of Business Development) for Dynamic Digital Depth.  We are really happy with the way it turned out because not only do they talk about their latest partners and technology development, they also gave us a peak of some neat things happening in Asia related to stereoscopic 3D gaming.  This is definitely one of our “must see” interviews, and we hope you like it as well.

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