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HDMI Press Conference, Robotic Cuteness at CES 2012!

By January 16, 2012April 4th, 2020News

Steve Venuti, President of HDMI Licensing at CES 2012

Given the popularity of our interview with Steve Venuti, President of HDMI Licensing, we have a great follow-up!  At CES 2012, HDMI held a special press conference to share more details about their HDMI Forum and ideas for an updated connector spec.

HDMI LLC CES 2012 Press Conference
Visit original YouTube page for 3D viewing options!

The topic of 3D gaming and display compatibility was well discussed., as well as a great Q&A with Rambo Jacoby, the HDMI Forum President, and Arnold Brown, the HDMI Forum Chairman.

As a bonus, it’s always fun to spot a new product at CES…useless or otherwise…that gets burned in your mind for years to come.  We are certain this will strike fear into the hearts of gadget makers everywhere!  MUAHAHAHAHA!

Just getting started.  Tonnes of stuff to show you from CES 2012…all in 3D!!!


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