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CES 2012 PACKED With 3D!

By January 5, 2012April 4th, 2020News

Kris Roberts, MTBS Field Writer

Leave it to Wired Magazine to write a pseudo-positive article about 3D.  It’s written as though 3D will be an afterthought at CES this year, and nothing is further from the truth!  In fact, this could be our busiest 3D season yet.

Our interview and meeting schedule is PACKED, and just some of our booth tours include LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Silicon Image, DDD, AMD, Nvidia, MasterImage3D, and more.  Kris Roberts will be our camera person this year (maybe he will do an interview too?), and…are you ready for this?

Sony HDR-TD10 3D Camcorder

All of MTBS’ 2012 CES coverage will be in 3D!!!  We got our hands on a Sony HDR-TD10 3D camcorder featuring 1080P 3D recording.  Finally, the industry invented the necessary tools to allow websites like MTBS to create 3D content on the go – and we are very excited to give this a try!   So the next time you read some misinformed article about the demise of 3D, put that site on the journalistic poo list, and set your favorites bookmark to…or GameGrade3D (let’s see some more submissions!)!

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