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CES 2012 Coming Up!

By December 16, 2011April 4th, 2020News

CES 2012

Each year, mid-December tends to be the slowest news period.  Why you ask?  Because CES is just around the corner (oh…and Christmas!  That’s a good excuse too!)!  This year, all eyes will be on mobile 3D solutions, and we are looking forward to trying new gadgets and bringing the best of CES to MTBS’ membership.  If industry readers are interested in getting featured on MTBS, please contact to make arrangements.

CES also marks the start of a new wave of GPU technology.  AMD is expected to be first out of the gate with their 7000 series 28nm graphics cards, and Nvidia will likely follow-up with a technology upgrade as well (formal announcement predictions have not been indicated yet).

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