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DICE Improves Battlefield 3’s S-3D Support

By December 8, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Battlefield 3 Gets Amped in 3D!

Battlefield 3 Gets Amped in 3D!

Looks like Battlefield 3 is finally adding some REAL stereoscopic 3D support…though DICE still has work to do (which we will get into via a formal review).  For now, DICE has included some new 3D console commands in their latest patch:


The “renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale” command determines your convergence for the overall scene.  The higher the number, the more out of the screen the game will seem.  I found that based on the maximum depth settings (the stereo setting in the game itself), 2.5 to 5.5 gave a reasonable range of out of screen effects.  A good test is to walk towards a tree or a protruding object as described in MTBS’ 3D Settings Guide to find the mix that is right for you.  We don’t know what the numeric range limits are with this configuration option, but things will definitely get too uncomfortable before they are reached!

The “renderdevice.stereosoldierzoomconvergencescale” is the convergence setting used when you are in scope mode or looking through your zoom lens.  We haven’t quite figured this out yet because the difference in settings isn’t very obvious.  Maybe some members can share screenshots indicating the mix that works best for them and why?

To make your favorite settings permanent, go to the BF3 directory, likely found in the “Origin Games” tree in the Program Files (X86) directory.  Create a text file called “user.cfg”, enter these lines, and save:

renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale X.X (use your favorite setting)
renderdevice.stereosoldierzoomconvergencescale X (again, your pick!)

These commands work equally well on the AMD HD3D and Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision platforms.  Credit goes to CHIZ for spotting this in the Nvidia forums!  MTBS members should submit BF3 results in GameGrade3D and include config settings where possible.


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