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Sorry For MTBS’ Snail’s Pace – All Fixed! Need Input Too!

By December 7, 2011April 4th, 2020News


Some quick updates for everyone.  We apologize for MTBS being super slow the past few days.  We found the problem and (hopefully) fixed it!

We are also putting some ideas together for the next phase of GameGrade3D development, and we have a few questions that need answering.  It’s important that all questions are answered, or the input shared won’t be helpful.

  1. Which 3D software solution are you using (DDD, iZ3D, Nvidia).
  2. Based on what you have read in the forums and experienced yourself, is there a relationship between the choice of hardware and the 3D bugs or visual anomalies that you experience?  For example, if you are running a game on an Nvidia GPU, will the same bugs occur on an AMD GPU?  Or will the bugs come and go if you are using different GPUs from the same brand (e.g. Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision users getting different results with different GPU types)?
  3. If possible, can you differentiate the types of bugs that are hardware dependent, and the bugs that are not hardware dependent?

We are toying with some ideas, so please comment below!

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