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More GameGrade3D Bug Fixes!

By November 24, 2011April 4th, 2020News


We completed more bug fixes on GameGrade3D!  Here is the list:

  1. We learned that users were having a problem where apostrophes and quotation marks left in comments were preventing their submissions from being completely recorded. This has been FIXED!
  2. Submissions featuring JPS and PNS 3D image files were getting broken links instead of thumbnails and pictures on the results page.  This has been FIXED!
  3. During the entry process, users were having trouble going forwards and backwards without losing their data.  There is now a “back” button, and this issue is FIXED! 

There is more work being done on GameGrade3D, and the more information you can provide on bugs and problems, the better.  Where possible, please include the URLs of your submission and post in the GG3D forum as soon as possible.

In time for the holidays, we are also rushing to get our 2011 3D Buyers’ Guide together, and expect to have it ready for Thursday evening (EST).

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