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MTBS’ New Benchmarking PC

By November 15, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Jealous?  You will be!  You will be! (in Yoda voice)

MTBS' New Benchmarking Machine

Last year, we ran some benchmarking tests on several stereoscopic 3D drivers and options, and it was a great proof of concept.  Unfortunately, our benchmarking system had a peashooter for a CPU, we didn’t have enough GPU variety to work with, and our platform prevented us from testing Nvidia and AMD using an identical spec.

Special thanks go out to AMD for supplying an AMD Phenom II 1090T (3.2 Ghz) and Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard.  The CPU is powerful enough for decent multi-GPU setups, and the Asus motherboard lets you have SLI or CrossFire on the same motherboard.

Just a side note: we’d like to put out a big thank you to NCIX‘s Chris Maw at the First Markham Place Retail Store in Markham, Ontario (Canada).  We know how to build our own machines for sure, but when it came to diagnosing a memory problem and miraculously bending the CPU pins back into place, he really helped us out on short notice and breathed life back into our machine.  Thanks, Chris!

If all goes to plan, we will have a new 3D display hardware review out by tomorrow!

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