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Guest Blog, GameGrade3D Bugs

By November 14, 2011April 4th, 2020News


MTBS has a guest writer today!  Daniel Smith wrote a great piece about Sony’s HMZ-T1.  To be clear, Daniel doesn’t actually own the unit yet, so he is a bit of a pre-fan.  However, for those unfamiliar with this HMD, he put together an article explaining why this head mounted display could mark a positive move for the 3D industry, and why it could have some competitive advantages over what has been brought to market so far.

For those enjoying the GameGrade3D service, we are aware of some bugs that need fixing.  The biggest bug we are working on right now is in the editing mode.  It’s not yet possible to change the submitted screenshots properly.  Either the image doesn’t get refreshed to the updated version, or a new image gets added instead of replacing what was already there.  We are working on this, and will share the bug fixes as soon as they are available.  Thank you for your patience!

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