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DDD TriDef 4.6 Released!

By September 1, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Great news for DDD fans!  They released a new driver package today!

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It seems that DDD is taking a strong focus to the Asian markets with 33 Chinese and 22 Korean game profiles.  Bug fixes aside, there are two welcome updates that we are sure everyone will be excited about.  First, DDD has re-implemented side by side driver and media player support.  This is a big deal because the above/below format wasn’t nearly as popular.

Second, for those that were missing all the tweaking flexibility that DDD used to offer, it’s back!  Now you can take existing game profiles and tweak away, rather than having to work from scratch if you want to try something advanced.  In their earlier releases, the advanced settings were hidden in pre-existing game profiles.

While DDD hasn’t gone into detail, there are supposed to be bug fixes too, so we’ll have to wait and see what the experiences are from our members.

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